how do you feel?
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Feel, by Matthew Elliott   FEEL

This landmark book teaches you to clarify your feelings and why that matters.

FEEL: The Power of Listening to Your Heart shares Matthew’s journey as over years of intensive study he drew a practical map for understanding how God has created us to feel. Some of the thing you will discover in the pages of Feel:
  • How to use your emotions to identify the real values that drive you
  • Become emotionally adept, emotionally wise, and emotionally skilled
  • Experience freedom from legalistic, religious expectations
  • Transform the way you battle temptation
  • Liberate yourself to really celebrate joyful occasions and blessings
  • Achieve more authentic communication with your kids and spouse
  • Strengthen your ability to express genuine love to someone.
  • Transform destructive anger to constructive connections to God and others

Why does God care so much about the state of our hearts and feelings?
How do emotions reflect the true depth and vitality of our spiritual lives?
How can we learn to understand our emotions and through this learn to understand ourselves?

In Feel you can learn to throw-off the shackles of trying to manipulate, control and out-think your emotions.  You can learn to pursue the new heart that God has promised.  Feel confronts the myths that many of us have been taught and gives you the tools to properly understand your feelings and live in emotional fullness.  The truth in this book could rock your world!

Listen to the Audio Book, Feel

Feel, by Matthew Elliott   Faithful Feelings

Faithful Feelings: Rethinking Emotions in the New Testament is Dr. Elliott’s first book and is based on his PhD in New Testament.  If you are a pastor, counselor, or a student of the Bible, Faithful Feelings will renew your faith as you dig deeper into the truths about emotion found in the Bible.  It will inspire you as you understand all God has to say about the emotions.

Learn to:

  • Replace confusion over what the Bible teaches with a clear biblical
    theology of emotion
  • Counsel others effectively by understanding what God has to say
    about how Christians should feel
  • Call people to a passionate faith when you understand the emotions
    of Jesus, Paul and the passionate God of the Bible
  • Renew your faith, refresh your spirit, return to Him as you feel again.
Jesus and Paul displayed a wide range of emotions in their lives and teaching.  Thomas Aquinas, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, and many others have recognized the vital importance of emotion in Christian experience. However, in recent times, many preachers and theologians have relegated it to the margins.   Our thinking on the relationship between reason and emotion is often confused or obscure, and this book bring clarity to what the Bible teaches.

Pastors and leaders are talking about the impact this book
is having on the way they do ministry!