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Feel · Reader Reviews · Faithful Feelings
Feel, by Matthew Elliott
The book is a great addition to the library of any pastor interested in helping his flock grow spiritually.
RICK WARREN'S Ministry Toolbox

Feel is an engaging book that’s potentially liberating. God made emotions and Jesus expressed them; they need to be reclaimed and redeemed, not ignored or abandoned. Matthew Elliott does a service to the church through this thoughtful work.
RANDY ALCORN, author of Heaven and Deception
Finally, the definitive book on the proper, God given place for emotions in our lives.
ANDY ANDREWS, author of the New York Times bestseller The Traveler’s Gift
Wow! This book could change the way you look at the Bible, at life, and at your faith. It did that for me. I’ve always been wary of my feelings and those of others. I thought it was the godly thing to do. I now know better and rejoice in the gift this book will be to the Body of Christ. Finally, we can ‘get out of the box’ and dance. Read it and you’ll thank me for recommending it.
STEVE BROWN, Talk-show host of Key Life, Professor; Reformed Theological Seminary
"Many books today on the Christian life are baloney. Others just repackage what is widely known, or dress up tired platitudes with a new set of stories. This book is different. Based on solid research, it has truly fresh insights into our feelings and how God views them. I have been greatly helped personally by reading it, and I can’t wait to pass it on to a bunch of other people who will eagerly receive its wisdom too. Best of all, in chapter after chapter, this book calls forth the godly feelings that, the author argues, God wants us to nurture and enjoy. Readers will discover here a path to enjoy God that they may never have glimpsed before."
ROBERT YARBOROUGH, Ph.D., New Testament department chairman, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
As Christians it is easy for us to elevate reason at the expense of authentic emotion — and in the process lose our passion for the God who created both. Matthew Elliott helps us recapture what we've lost and discover what it truly means to feel. A timely message for our generation.
ALEX & BRETT HARRIS, authors of Do Hard Things
I have always felt that as Christians we do not have enough balanced teaching about the subject of Emotion.  I was so happy to see that my close friend and former traveling assistant Dr. Matthew Elliot has written a book on this subject.  I want to urge you to read and think though what he has written. I pray that all of us will have a greater walk in truth and reality as result of reading this very very unique book.
GEORGE VERWER, Founder Operation Mobilization
Rarely do we start reading a book and exclaim, ‘This  is new!’ This is true for Matthew Elliott's excursion through the land of  emotion. He makes us more conscious of our emotional makeup, emotional needs and how God will use our emotion. He causes us to explore how we can teach ourselves and our children  to live in emotional freedom. He encourages us to explore our emotions truthfully, honestly and accurately. These are roads each of us must travel along ... The journey is well worth the effort.
Matthew Elliott introduces us to a refreshing view of emotion that is based solidly on the teachings of the Bible. This book challenges us to respect our feelings, to learn from our emotional reactions, to view emotion as a friend, and to grow emotionally as we mature in Christ. This book will surely change the way we feel about emotion.
JAMES R. BECK, PH.D., senior professor of counseling, Denver Seminar