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Feel · Reader Reviews · Faithful Feelings
Feel, by Matthew Elliott
The most thorough study on emotions in the New Testament is now Matthew Elliott’s Faithful Feelings
JOHN PIPER in What Jesus Demands from the World (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2006), 52.

Thank you for producing such a masterful treatment of this important subject. It will be a great resource for people working in my field (the integration of psychology and theology).... It is a great piece of work.
JAMES R. BECK, PhD, senior professor of counseling, Denver Seminary
This is an immensely significant work that breaks new ground, opening a new field of enquiry that those who follow must address.
CRAIG KEENER, professor of New Testament studies, Palmer Seminary; and author of The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament
I have just finished reading Faithful Feelings and wanted to write to thank you. It was extremely instructive and even inspiring and will enhance my preaching and pastoral work significantly. You clarified and systematized a lot that I had been instinctively feeling (!).
JULIAN HARDYMAN, senior pastor, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, England
My friend Matt Elliott has opened new windows of thought about a crucial yet often neglected topic.
This book will stretch and upgrade your perspectives on your feelings and your faith.
JOSEPH M. STOWELL, former president, Moody Bible Institute
This book shows originality in its choice of subject, in the application of current research in psychology to ancient texts, in the comprehensiveness of its scope, and to some extent in the interpretation of individual texts. There is no other book that covers the same ground, and the topic is an important one.
I. HOWARD MARSHALL, professor emeritus of New Testament exegesis, University of Aberdeen