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Feel · Reader Reviews · Faithful Feelings
Feel, by Matthew Elliott
I have, like most Christians I expect, battled with the place of emotions in church and in my Christian walk and especially with the contradictions I see in the way I think and live and feel. The thoughts contained within this book have helped to put structure and meat to the bones of my own thinking in regards to emotions and I hope will provide the basis for further understanding and discussion with others. My thinking has changed over the course of this book as I have come to realise that emotions are not un-spiritual but are actually traits of God himself. Thinking less of them as “right or wrong” but rather right and wrong depending on the object and the situation helps me to understand how I can learn from them and help to appropriately nurture or dig them out. Also to see that God’s will is not some mechanistic oppressive thing but is rather a father’s emotional appeal for the heart of his people, is something that is incredibly encouraging and reminds me of what first attracted me to the person of Christ.

This book is bold and insightful. (It could also incite a riot) The more I read, the more I like it. I am challenged to honestly love God more than anything else I would cherish. My ears have been changed to pick up on what everyone is saying about emotion. The book is speaking to me, a person who spends a lot of time trying to get my ducks in a row with flawed tools under my own power.
This was an excellent book. I was challenged in so many ways. There are many tools that I will take with me. I believe that I have my work cut out for me. There is much I have been convicted on, and much I plan on asking God to help me change. I have already shared these ideas with many close friends.
As I began reading the book, I felt it was not for me as I was a fairly emotional person, pretty much in touch with my emotions. However, I found as I read on it became really relevant to me. I have found my whole attitude has changed as if I’ve done an about-face. I was really touched and my eyes were opened to attitudes I needed to change in my life.
Feel is a fascinating foray into the seemingly untouched reaches of emotion in our everyday lives. Encouraging us to sense and follow the emotions that we are given, author Matthew Elliott brings us through the history of emotions from Plato, to Jonathan Edwards, to even Malcolm Gladwell. With a philosophical understanding of the topic of emotion, Elliott walks us through the necessity of experiencing life as an emotional opportunity with the care of a loving father. Feel is pivotal work for any wary soul searching for clarity to the muddied mix of a stoic spiritually and a frenetic culture.
I enjoyed this book immensely. The author was so personal, honest and vulnerable to his readers using real life stories to illustrate His point. It was challenging and convicting, but also uplifting. What I’ve been doing for such a long time is repressing my feelings. I’ve stuffed them in a box for a very long time and have lived most of the time by duty and very little passion (and then wondering why I don’t know Jesus more intimately). I so long to live a passionate and vibrant life for Christ. To do the things He has for me and to grow more emotionally mature. I long to go from a type A, “to do” list person to a person listening, loving and following hard after Christ. Thanks for giving me resources on how I can be the Child of God that He longs for me to be.
The book captures the author’s passion for emotions to be reclaimed by Christians as part of their Godly heritage. Although not specifically referred to, he writes of the ministry of Jesus from Isaiah 61 who came to bind up the broken hearted, proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for prisoners. Jesus promised abundant life and we are being robbed of that fullness of life by our repressed and contained emotions. Taking a fresh look at our emotional health from a Bible-based perspective, this book brings new insight into restoring the balance between mind and heart. It provides helpful steps along the way to bring us back to God’s original plan of a deeply loving and passionate relationship with His children. This is an easy read that will warm your heart, excite your emotions and challenge your thinking.