how do you feel?
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Studies confirm that emotionally healthy people are more physically healthy, lead more fulfilling lives, and are more productive. Is it any wonder that Jesus taught that we could measure the health of our spiritual lives by how we FEEL? What if we could understand the relationship between our emotional and spiritual health? What if our emotions are our friends helping us to do life better? That's what the Feel Seminar is all about.

The FEEL seminar will teach you how to:
• Clarify how you feel and why it matters
• Use your emotions to identify the real values that drive you
• Become emotionally adept, emotionally wise, and emotionally skilled
• Experience freedom from legalistic, religious expectations
• Transform the way you battle temptation
• Achieve more authentic communication with your kids and spouse
• Strengthen your ability to express genuine love to someone
• Enter another person’s pain in ways they know you truly care
• Transform destructive anger to constructive connections to God and others

Session Descriptions for the Feel Seminar

Book the FEEL seminar today for your church, retreat, or organization. 

The Feel notebook, a participants guide filled with exercises, outlines and helpful tips.
Publicity materials for your group or church
An informal and relevant approach

To speak with us and learn more call 630-326-0045 or email

Dr. Elliott and Dr. Lawson are available to speak for shorter engagements as well.  Popular topics include:

• Finding freedom from fear and worry in the current economic crisis
• Understanding the core principles of Feel: The Power of Listening to Your Heart
Loving God and other people with genuine affection
• Learning to share your feelings with others